Skater / Artist  / USA

Mimi Knoop

Mimi Knoop is one of the most respected female skateboarders in the world. An east coast native, she made the move to California right after 9/11. Since first turning pro in 2003, she has claimed 5 X Games medals in women’s vert & has cinched titles at some of the world’s most prestigious bowl contests (including Protec Pool Party). Mimi always has a smile on her face and skates fast with a balance of grace and aggression. Always pushing for progression, she has been one of the most active women in skateboarding behind the scenes too. As an advocate, she has been dedicated to building up the sport for the girls of the next generation by co-founding the Alliance, and hoopla skateboards. Through the Alliance and ESPN, Mimi helped bring about prize purse parity for men and women at X Games back in 2009. Mimi is also a talented multi-media artist and has shown her works all over the world. She created the name and logo for the popular “Girls Combi Pool Classic” contest held by Vans each year in Orange County, CA. Mimi represents women’s skateboarding with passion and enthusiasm and is a great ambassador for girls getting into skateboarding and action sports.

The Bowl ARTWORK @ Gallery


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