Skater / Artist / Musician / USA

Steve Caballero Alter

Steve Caballero: Skateboarding legend Steve Caballero has accomplished so much during his 30-plus years of skating, he’s one of those rare guys who is known simply by his nickname, Cab. As an original member of the Bones Brigade, the eighties skate super team that Stacey Peralta envisioned to redefine skateboarding, Cab appeared in perhaps the most famous skate video of all time, The Search for Animal Chin. Cab has invented tricks including the Caballerial and the frontside boardslide and, in 2009, Cab and Vans celebrated the twentieth anniversary of the first-ever signature skate shoe, the Vans Caballero, while 2012 sees the twentieth anniversary of the longest running and “greatest” skate shoe of all time, the Vans Half Cab.

The Bowl ARTWORK @ Gallery

Release date: 30th November @ A Bomb in a Bowl VENUE

Crazyleg Pool