Marc “Little Swastika” / Tattoo Artist / DIY Builder / fReaK

One way to sum up Marc aka “Little Swastika” in one sentence, if there is any way to do that, is “Find out where your limits end, and start from there”.

First to mention is his radical passion for tattoo art. Early in his young years, at age 14 he began tattooing on his own body. Of course, his mother did not allow her young boy to purchase a tattoo machine at this age. Consequently, his natural „do it yourself“ attitude led him to build his own machine. Since that point in time, all kinds of body modifications like piercings, suspension & finally body mutilation have all been lived up by him. Nowadays he has become an international well-known artist with his own signature tattoo gun on Godoy Machines.

Beyond his body art path he started to walk on, he most intensely explored skateboarding. And again with his extreme eradicative punk-rock attitude you might find Marc only in the deepest black skatepools and working on radical maneuvers. Needless to say that he won’t stop a session unless an injury stops him.

Naturally the „DIY“ philosophy had impact on his skateboard lifestyle and consequently he embarked on building mainly concrete skate pools & several obstacles on his own. Currently popular as Crazyleg-Skatepools.

As an old friend of the Blackriver family, one day the idea popped up to design a miniature concrete bowl for fingerboarding. With his experience of working with concrete and Martin Ehrenberger’s knowledge of dimension for fingerboard obstacles, the Crazyleg Fingerboard Bowl was born.

Marc Riedman

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The miniature BOWLS


Fingerboard Demo Trani

Fingerboard Demo Street