Big phone? Small Skateboard?? Things change if you put them in different perspectives. Since the first “real” Ollie was performed on a fingerboard around 1988 a lot has changed. Denise Hermann and Martin Ehrenberger discover new spaces as they Feature 1:10 scaled skateboarding and the Art that comes along with it. Bonsai!

Martin Ehrenberger

(*1974 in Germany)

Martin Ehrenberger

Martin is without any doubt one of THE fingerboard pioneers. In 1999 he founded Blackriver and since then he has created a universe being without equal. Whether it´s the 1. international fingerboard world championship “Fast Fingers”, the fingerboard video magazine “Pissing Fingers”, the print Magazine “Fingerboarder Magazine” or several product inventions in the fingerboard world, the list is continuable. Apart from that he has taken fingerboard photography and filming to a professional level.

Martin has been actively skateboarding over 20 years. Therefore it´s hardly surprising that the planning and construction of progressive skateparks is his heartfelt passion.

He experiences both fingerboarding and the skateboarding not as seperated realms, but as one, being rooted in the same spirit.

Denise Hermann

(*1983 in Germany)


Denise is a graphic designer and artist. Probably inspired by fingerboarding being constantly present in her daily life, she started to create miniature installations and to draw hands and gloves. In the subject of the latest works myths and magic are increasingly present. Collecting things and re-/up-cycling of objects play a major role in her work.

She loves analog working methods, no matter whether it´s photography or layout.

Apart from that she´s one of the CEO´s of Blackriver. She has created the visual brand image during the years. Every once in a while her art works are available in limited series (fingerboard graphics, T-shirts etc.) for the fingerboard world.

You can check out her blog here: